Special Interest Group (SIG) interviews

Katherine Howell

Understanding the aetiology of severe infantile epilepsies using an epidemiological study design.

Eppie Yiu

Novel Genes and Therapies in Neurogenetic Disorders.

Cia Sharpe

Improving the management of seizures in at risk neonates.

Lynette Sadleir

Clinical genetic correlation in familial epilepsy.

Simon Harvey

Causes, consequences and cures for uncontrolled epilepsy in children.

Kathy North

Gene discovery and disease mechanism in inherited muscle disorders as well as genes that influence normal skeletal muscle function and elite athletic performance.

Alex Johnson

Pathological findings in refractory temporal lobe epilepsy: correlations with clinical phenomenology and epilepsy outcomes.

Mark MacKay

Childhood Stroke: early recognition and intervention.

Rick Leventer

Understanding the causes and outcomes of neurogenetic diseases focussing on brain malformations and leukodystrophies.

Russell Dale

Identification and treatment of autoimmune brain disease.

Michelle Lorentzos

Psychiatry of Paediatric Movement Disorders.

Esther Tantsis

Multiple sclerosis and related CNS demyelinating disorders.

Annie Bye

Clinical and educational research in Epilepsy.

Michelle Farrar

Axonal excitability in spinal muscular atrophy: providing insight into pathophysiology and a potential biomarker for clinical trials.

John Lawson

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex clinical trials.

Shekeeb Mohammad

Advances in the understanding of Autoimmune encephalitides and associated movement disorders in children.

Manoj Menezes

Peripheral neuropathy research.

Sachin Gupta

Bone health in children with neuromuscular disorders.