Research in Paediatric Neurology

Research has always been an important part of paediatric neurology in Australia and New Zealand. Australian and New Zealand paediatric neurologists have made many important contributions to the field, including descriptions of new disorders, contributions to development of new treatments for epilepsy syndromes and nerve and muscle disorders of childhood, and identification of genes involved in childhood seizure disorders, muscular dystrophies, neuropathies and movement disorders. Almost all paediatric neurologists in Australia and New Zealand belong to the ANZCNS. Many are actively involved in clinical or laboratory research in addition to their clinical practice in the management of neurological illnesses.

Donations to the ANZCNS Research Fund will be used to assist research into specific aspects of paediatric neurology and to further collaborative research efforts within Australia. Directed donations can be given to advance clinical or laboratory research in subspeciality areas of paediatric neurology.

Enquiries regarding donations to the ANZCNS Research Fund should be directed to the Donations Office.

ANZCNS Trainees Day

In the spirit of continuing further education with Paediatric Brain School, the ANZCNS would like to invite trainees and interested others to an inaugural ‘Trainees Day’ to follow on after the ANZCNS conference 2022 (7-9th September).

This will occur on the afternoon of Friday 9th September, and on the day of Saturday 10th September, and will feature talks on topics including

  • Neurometabolic conditions and metabolic approach to encephalopathy and seizures
  • Evolution of CNS and foetal MRI
  • Developmental approach to learning and disability, IQ and neuropsychological testing, specific learning disorders
  • Principles of neurogenetics, prenatal and presymptomatic testing
  • Career advice including career paths, balancing life / career

Trainees will be supported by the ANZCNS to attend the sessions and for catering.

Consultants who would like to attend will need to contribute a fee (to be established) largely to cover room hire and catering.

Registration will open in conjunction with the ASM (13th June).

We hope you will be supportive of this exciting new endeavour!

Paediatric Brain School Committee