ANZCNS Membership

The ANZCNS is an incorporated company established in 2010, and has been established to:

  1. advance the science of paediatric neurology, neuropaediatric research and related disciplines in Australia and to achieve international best practice;
  2. promote education and training in paediatric neurology, neuropaediatric research and related disciplines;
  3. encourage and support research in the field of paediatric neurology and allied neurosciences;
  4. promote high standards of care for children with neurological disorders;
  5. promote and facilitate communication of views and experiences between clinicians working in the field of paediatric neurology and in neuropaediatric research;

There are a number of forms of membership of the ANZCNS. Only Ordinary Members have voting rights at the Annual Meeting of the ANZCNS.

  • Full, or Ordinary membership, is open to medical practitioners who devote the majority of their time to the practice of paediatric neurology, paediatric neurodisability or any allied neuroscience in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Retired members are no longer in clinical practice but elect on retirement to continue as members of the ANZCNS.
  • Overseas members are based outside Australia and New Zealand but wish to remain active members of the ANZCNS.
  • Honorary members are elected to the ANZCNS by the Board of Directors, and are not required to pay membership fees.
  • Any person who expresses a desire to contribute to, participate in, or assist the Society achieve its objects (as set out above and in the ANZCNS constitution) may be invited or apply to join the ANZCNS as an Associate Member.
  • Any medical practitioner who is a trainee in the specialisation of neurology, paediatric neurology, neuropathology, or any other associated discipline, may apply to join the ANZCNS as a Trainee member.

Schedule of Membership Fees for 2020/2021

  • Full / Ordinary Membership – $250
  • Trainee Member – Waived
  • Retired Member – Free of charge
  • Overseas Member – $140
  • Associate Member – Waived
  • Honorary Member – Free of charge